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Title: Vampire’s Bane
Author: Suzannah Daniels
Genre: mature young adult paranormal fantasy/romance/action & adventure/post-apocalyptic Expected Release Date: April 14, 2015
Cover Designer: Louisa Maggio @ LM CreationsHosted by: Lady Amber's Tours
A lethal sword. A dangerous mission. A seventeen-year-old girl finding her way in a world that is nothing like she remembered. When Maylin Kavanagh’s parents surrendered her to The Program, they swore it was for her protection. After being confined in a small underground cell for nearly two years, she is finally released. But the world has changed. Most of the populace has been wiped out by a deadly disease, and the rules of society have regressed. But that’s not the worst of it. When her group is kidnapped by a band of rogue vampires, Maylin realizes the decline of the human population has brought other races to the forefront—races she never knew existed. And now they’re all battling for survival and power. In his father’s absence, Thane Warwick must lead his people. He has two priorities: find his father and find humans who can supply blood to his tribe. Immediately intrigued by his latest captive, he becomes interested in Maylin for more than just her blood, but he soon discovers that he must make a choice between his father and her. Despite their attraction, Maylin and Thane each have an agenda, and only one can be the victor. VAMPIRE'S BANE is the first book in the VAMPIRE'S BANE series. While it does end at a natural turning point in the heroine's journey, it is an ongoing story, and not all questions will be answered. You will need to read this series in order.
Suzannah Daniels has had an affinity for words as long as she can remember. She grew up in North Georgia with four brothers, so she learned at an early age to admire snakes and motorcycles. When she wasn't pestering her brothers, she could usually be found reading or writing.
She is the author of the Whiskey Nights series and Perfectly Able (new adult contemporary romances), the Dangerous Trilogy (mature young adult contemporary romance trilogy), Viking's Embrace (an adult historical romance), and Ghostly Encounter (young adult paranormal romance/adventure).
Currently, she lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband and her college-aged daughter. Her son lives nearby. The family pets include a Lab mix, a Basset Hound, a Shih Tzu, and a sweet little kitty.
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Twitter: @SuzannahDaniels
Teaser from when Thane and Maylin first meet:
“I said ‘enough.’” The man strolled calmly toward us. As he reached the soft glow of the fire, I realized that he was tall, his body lean and muscular. He didn’t look nearly as old as I had first guessed. His height and authoritative voice disguised his youthfulness.
“Thane, surely you realize we’re hungry and there are so few of them left,” my captor implored in a soft Irish lilt.
“So you’ll solve our problem by killing them?”
“I won’t, but….”
Even though he still gripped my head, I took advantage of their distraction and snaked my gun across my waist, pointing the barrel between my side and left arm. I squeezed the trigger, sinking a bullet into my captor’s stomach.
He grunted and hissed air out between his teeth, but his grip never lessened. How was it possible that gunshots seemed to have little effect on him?
In seconds, the one they had called Thane gripped my wrist, the sudden movement knocking the gun from my hand. He shoved my captor away from me and contained me with one arm wrapped around my body like an impenetrable band of iron.
Thane chuckled softly over my head. “Let’s not underestimate this one.”

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Congratulations to the winners of the WASTED Cover Reveal Giveaway!

Congratulations to the following winners in the Cover Reveal Giveaway for WASTED! I would like to thank everyone who entered. I sincerely appreciate your support! <3

$10 Amazon Gift Card
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Giveaway and Cover Reveal for WASTED! Plus Excerpt!

It's time to reveal the cover for WASTED, a new adult contemporary romance and the first book in the WHISKEY NIGHTS series! Plus, there's a GIVEAWAY! Check out www.SuzannahDaniels.com for your chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card, a WASTED necklace, and one of five signed WASTED bookmarks! Hurry! The contest is running for one week only!


It all started with sex on the beach…the drink, not…you know.

As a bartender, Mason Cambridge often charmed beautiful women who ordered up cocktails on his shift. It was part of his job after all, and he needed the tips—badly. 

When Lexi Swafford plopped her pretty little tail down on the bar stool, Mason offered her a drink. He had no idea that he would soon be working with her or that he’d be letting her room with him until her new apartment was ready.

In fact, once Lexi Swafford landed in Creekview, Tennessee, life as Mason Cambridge knew it would cease to exist…because after a night of drinking away the agony of his loneliness, one touch from her would change everything.

WASTED is a new adult contemporary romance recommended for adult readers due to mature content. WASTED is the first book in the WHISKEY NIGHTS series. Since each book focuses on a different couple, they can be read as stand-alones, but many readers may prefer to read them in order for maximum enjoyment.

A muffled string of slurred expletives drifted down the hall. I jumped to my feet and listened at the door—more mumbling. Grabbing my robe from the closet, I wrapped it around me, tied the belt, and peeked out my bedroom door.
“Shit,” Mason muttered, followed by another thump.
I opened the door wider and ventured into the hallway, walking toward the source of the noise. The apartment was pitch black, so approaching the end of the hall, I groped the wall, searching for the light switch.
Finally, my fingers found it, and I flipped it on about the same time that Mason plowed into me. His arm wrapped around my waist, though I wasn’t sure whether he was trying to steady me, him, or both of us. The strong scent of alcohol hung heavy in the air.
“Dammit,” he whispered as he stumbled forward, tried to straighten up, and fell backwards instead, bringing me with him as we landed on the floor in another thud.
I could feel my breasts pressed against his hard, muscular chest as his arm still held me firmly against him. His head was tossed back, his chin jutting in the air, a deep rumble of laughter reverberating through his torso.
He lifted his head and looked at me, his lips still curled into a grin. His eyes were the color of whiskey, which, considering he reeked of alcohol, seemed fitting. “Sorry, roomie,” he slurred. “What was your name again?”
“Lexi,” I ground out between clenched teeth as I scrambled to get off him.
He released a cry of pain.
Realizing that I’d accidentally kneed him in the groin, a flood of heat exploded in my chest and torpedoed up my face. “Sorry,” I mumbled, relieved when my knees firmly hit the floor and I could push myself to my feet.
He attempted to raise himself up on his elbows, failing miserably.
I maneuvered behind him, slipping my hands beneath his arms, and tried to give him enough leverage to sit up.
It worked.
“Can you stand?” If not, then he’d just have to sleep in the hallway.
After a lot of fumbling and with my grip firmly on his arm, he finally stood.
“You didn’t drive, did you?”
“No. I never drink and drive. My friend owns a caxi tab.” He stumbled a few steps. “A caxi tab.” He shuffled forward again. “A caxi….”
“A taxi cab,” I supplied, gripping his arm tightly.
“Yeah.” He pointed his finger in the air. “One of those.”
I pushed his door open and flipped on the light. With his arm draped across my shoulders, we staggered into his bedroom. He lurched across the floor and fell onto his unmade bed. Relieved to be free of his weight, I straightened and swept my eyes across the room. It was sparsely furnished with a bed and a chest of drawers. Some change, a photo, and an empty glass sat on a small table, which served as a nightstand. “You okay?” I asked, turning my attention back to him.
“I’m good.” He never opened his eyes, but a slight wave of his hand seemed to motion to me that I could leave. My eyes turned back to the photo, and letting my curiosity outweigh my discretion, I walked over and picked it up. A beautiful girl looked at me, her smile wide and her mouth slightly parted as if she were laughing. Mason hugged her to him, his profile facing the camera as he pressed a kiss to her temple.
Realizing I was invading his privacy, I quickly put the photo down and walked toward the bedroom door.
I didn’t know whether I was more surprised that he said my name or that he actually remembered it. I turned back to him. “Yes?”
He opened his eyes and smiled, a flash of dimples in his cheeks. “You remember how to make a Devil’s Handshake?”
I hoped he wasn’t about to order one. I didn’t know how much he had drunk while he was out, but the last thing he needed was more alcohol. “I think so.”
“Good. Tomorrow, you can look forward to a Sloe Comfortable Screw.”
I assumed that was the name of another drink. As I watched the roguish grin spread across his handsome face, I realized that I’d shaken hands with the devil today, but it had nothing to do with an alcoholic beverage.

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What's new?

I'm currently working on a new series, which will be new adult contemporary romance. It will be a spin off from PERFECTLY ABLE and will begin with Mason Cambridge's story. Right now, my intention is for a series of stand-alone novels, meaning that readers won't have to read them in any particular order. They will share the common setting of the fictional town of Creekview, Tennessee. I'll have more details soon!

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DELIRIOUS is coming Feb. 7! Read the prologue now!

DELIRIOUS, the third book in the DANGEROUS Trilogy (mature YA contemporary romance) will be released on Feb. 7, 2014! I'm so excited! I love Stone and Dara, and they've been so much fun to write!

I want to give you a sneak peek of DELIRIOUS, but there are *SPOILERS* if you haven't read DANGEROUS and DEVIOUS yet. DANGEROUS is currently only 99 cents, so if you haven't already met Stone And Dara, what are you waiting for?

One Year Anniversary of Stone and Dara’s Engagement
As we lay on a soft blanket in the moonlight, I gazed at Stone’s profile as he admired the thousands of stars that had been sprinkled in the night sky like glitter in a puddle of ink. Our fingers entwined as he reached for me, and I found the warmth of his hand comforting. At one time, I would have thought it impossible for me to love anyone as much as I had loved Granny, but as I watched him, I knew that our romance would be one of the greatest love stories ever lived. My heart filled with emotion so potent, it was tangible, and I could feel it as it pumped through my body, a feeling of euphoria more addictive than any I’d ever experienced.
I had asked him once to make love to me in a moment of weakness, and he had refused. It was after Granny’s death, and when the darkness of that difficult time released me from its tendrils, I loved him even more. On the surface, Stone could seem self-absorbed, but I’d seen the other side of him, the side that was usually locked away, the side that would put my needs, even when I couldn’t see them myself, above his own desires.
I’d thought about that night many times during the last few months.
I wanted Stone. I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything. I squeezed his hand, and he turned toward me, propping himself up on his elbow. Smoothing an errant strand of hair from my face, he whispered, “Happy anniversary, babe.”
“Happy anniversary,” I whispered. My heart thumped in my chest, and it amazed me that as long as we’d been together, he still had this effect on me.
He watched me silently, soothing me with his touch.
My gaze flitted to the willow tree behind him, silhouetted in the moonlight, and I thought about the first time we’d come here. I loved that tree, and as I watched its dangling branches sway in the gentle breeze, I knew that was where I wanted to be married.
Cupping my cheek, he kissed me tenderly as if I were his most prized possession and I required the gentlest of care. It was one of my favorite things about Stone, the way he always made me feel safe, cherished, loved.
Overwhelmed with the need to touch him, I lifted my fingers to his recently shaven face, admiring the smoothness of his skin, the contours of his cheek.
“Stone,” I whispered.
The darkness cast shadows on his face, but I knew he was watching me, waiting for me to finish. Bringing my hand to his lips, he brushed a kiss into my palm.
I swallowed, reluctant to continue.
“What is it, Dara?” he asked softly, and I could detect a hint of worry in his voice at my hesitation.
“Will you make love to me?”
Damn. She had no idea how much I wanted to. But I knew Dara. And the one thing I wanted more than making love to her was to marry her, have a family with her. She was my forever, and I didn’t want to screw it up.
“I will,” I whispered, “if you marry me.”
“I’m going to marry you, Stone, just as soon as we graduate from college.”
“I can’t make love to you until you marry me.” That was something I never thought I’d hear myself say, and I had to grit my teeth to make sure I didn’t take it back. She pursed her lips together, and the corners of her mouth tilted down in a frown.
“You’ve made love to plenty of other girls,” she said, her tone carrying a hint of aggravation. “We’ve been engaged for a year.  You don’t want me?”
“Hell, Dara. You have no idea how badly I want you, but you’re not those other girls. You mean something to me. You mean everything to me. And I’ve screwed up too much shit in my life. I will not take that chance with you.”
“Please,” she whispered. “Just once.”
I laughed, slightly amused because she had no idea what making love to her would do to me. “There’s no such thing as just once. Once we start having sex, everything changes. And what if you get pregnant?”
“We can use protection.”
“I won’t risk it. I won’t risk having something happen that you’re not ready for. If you’re not ready to marry me, then you’re not ready to make love to me.”
She nodded slightly, placing her palm against my chest. “I know you’re right. I don’t want you to be, but I know you are.”
I touched my lips to hers because I understood. I’d wanted her since the first day that she came to work at the bookstore and teased me with those pink sparkly lips. Damn, I’d wanted her then, and I’d wanted her nonstop ever since.  But I knew Dara as well as I knew myself, and she was the one person that I could push aside my own temptations for. I had to do what was best for her because I was terrified that if I did what was best for me, I’d lose her forever. Part of me thought that perhaps I was insane for not taking her up on her offer, but I was focusing on our future. I may not be getting instant gratification, but I was playing this game for keeps. And nothing was more important to me than winning the heart of Dara Golding forever.
“Here, I have something for you.”
I sat up and rummaged through my backpack, pulling out a thin box wrapped in shiny white paper and topped off with a dainty, pink bow. Handing her the gift, I pulled a flashlight out of my backpack and turned it on.
She sat up, her plea to make love momentarily forgotten.
“What is it?”
“Open it and find out.”
She carefully removed the bow and unwrapped the box. Lifting the gift from the soft, black velvet interior of the box, Dara dangled the silver heart pendant from her fingertips.
“Look at the heart,” I instructed her.
I shined the light on the pendant, so that she could read the inscription. “Stone and Dara,” she said softly.
“Now flip it over.”
She obeyed and read the inscription on the back, “Delirious.”
“That’s how you make me feel, Dara.” She looked at me, and I cupped her cheek in my palm, the emotion of all the things I felt for her rushing to the surface. “I want you to wear this necklace, and when you do, I want you to be able to reach up and feel the shape of the heart, to know how much I love you. I want you to feel the smooth surface with your fingertips and imagine me caressing your skin. I want you to feel the weight of it against your chest and imagine my palm resting over your heart, feeling its erratic beat from my nearness. I want you to remember Stone and Dara because from now on, it’s you and me, for as long as I live. I want you to remember the word delirious and to know that no matter where I may be, I’m thinking of you because you’re my world, and I’m so in love with you that I am delirious.”
I took the necklace from her, and she held up her hair while I fastened it around her neck.
Lunging toward me, she wrapped her arms around me and whispered, “It’s perfect, and I’ll never take it off. I love you, Stone.”
“I love you, too, baby. And I promise you that one day, after I’ve made you my wife, I’m going to make slow, intense love to you.”
She leaned back and looked in my eyes, fingering the pendant. “That seems so far away.”
I grabbed her, and she squealed as I lay back on the blanket and pulled her on top of me. “Then we’ll have to make up for it on our honeymoon. Until then, I can think of other ways to have fun.”
And I kissed her in the moonlight, my hands roaming her body as I reveled in my delirium.

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Perfectly Able - Chapter 2

My last post includes the first chapter of PERFECTLY ABLE (PERFECTLY ABLE is a new adult contemporary romance intended for readers 17+ and is available on Amazon.). Here's the second chapter:

Chapter 2




I squirmed as a balmy breeze swept across the deck and the trees rustled around us. He looked at me with such intensity that it almost seemed if I told him the truth, he’d hunt down the last guy I dated and either beat the crap out of him or pelt him with marshmallows.

Of course, there was a third option. He could see things the same way Jack had seen them, which was why I was terrified that if Ridge knew the truth, he’d clothe that glorious body of his, pack up his belongings, and start walking, never to be heard from again, just like Jack.

I groaned inwardly. It angered me that I had allowed the last guy I dated to affect me so deeply. Jack wasn’t his real name, but I didn’t even want to think his name, let alone have it pass from my lips. So I decided to give him an appropriate nickname, Jack, a shortened version of jackass. And he was a jackass. In the end, I’d found out the hard way that he didn’t know the first thing about loving a woman. It’d been a painful revelation, and one that was necessary for me to realize that he didn’t deserve me. So if I knew all of that, why did I still allow him to make me feel this way?

I had been meeting challenges head-on since I was sixteen, giving me five years of practical experience. But I supposed when it came to relationships, a whole new kind of insecurity seeped into my soul. Gone was the cocky, overconfident girl that I had become in all other realms.

My eyes fell to his magnificently carved body. His biceps flexed as he repositioned his arms, and he was still watching me, waiting on me to tell him what Jack had done.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s long gone,” I said, shielding my eyes from the sun, so that I could see him more clearly.

He had a strong jawline, and as he stood before me, I couldn’t deny that I wasn’t immune to his bronzed, muscular body.

His brown hair was relatively short with streaks of blond, indicative that he’d probably spent a lot of time outdoors this summer.

“So what do you do?” I asked, hoping to shift the conversation to more pleasant topics.

“Well, I just graduated from college a few months ago.”  He walked toward me, sitting on the side of the chaise lounge, just inches from my feet. My body stiffened and a wave of self-awareness swept over me. I bent my knees slightly, giving him a little more room at the end of the lounger.

“What was your major?” I asked.

“Electrical engineering.”

“So if I needed someone to change the light bulbs in my apartment, you could help me out?”

He laughed. “Yeah, I think I could handle that.”

“Good to know.”

“I was an intern at an engineering firm, and I was fortunate enough to get hired on after I graduated.”  He ran his fingers through his hair, which was quickly drying, and the movement caused his muscles to ripple into action.

“Sounds like you’ve got it together.”

“Meticulous planning. That’s the key,” he said, turning to look at me.

“I agree that planning is important. Just make sure you remember to be spontaneous every now and then. We wouldn’t want you to be boring and predictable.”

He laughed then. “Have no fear, Ava. I may be a bit predictable because once I set a goal, I don’t stop until I’ve accomplished it, but no female has ever accused me of being boring.”

He stood, his red swim trunks riding low on his hips. My line of vision rested on his well-defined abs. “I’ll be right back,” he said.

I didn’t respond, just watched the graceful display of muscle and sinew as he moved. As I watched him, I wished things were different. I wished that Jack hadn’t deflated my confidence. Perhaps I was even angry with myself for allowing him to do it. But it didn’t matter. Knowing that I shouldn’t let a guy affect me that way wasn’t enough for me to keep it from happening. That had been part of the reason that I’d wanted to come here alone. I wanted to get over this hump, gain my confidence back, and tackle life, but being here with Ridge all week would keep my insecurities at the forefront of my mind, impeding any progress that I’d hoped to make. I lowered my head into my palms. I needed to dig deep and find a way past this.

“Are you feeling okay?” he asked as he stepped back onto the deck and shut the door behind him.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” I replied, lifting my head and pasting a smile on my face. I noticed that he had his phone in his hand. “Did you get a signal?”

He glanced down at the phone. “No. I just wanted to access my calendar.”

“Oh. Still planning, I see,” I joked.

“Yeah. Old habits….”

He sat back down on the side of the chaise lounge near my feet and punched the keys on his phone. “So do you have any goals, Ava?” he asked, without looking up.

“You mean other than stringing up my sister and her friends for putting us in this awkward situation?”

He grinned. “Guess at this point, you’re stuck with me for an entire week.”

“Guess so,” I agreed. “You’re stuck with me, too. Still doesn’t keep me from plotting ways to torture her.”

“I know what you mean. Kelsey has aggravated the shit out of me over the years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about getting even for all of the pranks she’s pulled. Knowing her, she’d just aggravate me that much more. Having one, little sister is bad enough. I can’t imagine having two.”

“Yeah, sometimes it can be a pain, but we actually get along pretty well, considering.”

London was definitely going to get an earful from me. Having expected to be totally alone, I hadn’t even brought my makeup. Part of me thought that I shouldn’t care, but what girl wanted to be stranded with a gorgeous guy and no makeup?  It certainly didn’t help my confidence level any.

Even though he had no Internet access, he scrolled through his phone, and it crossed my mind that Ridge was the type of guy who could easily become a workaholic.

The soft chirping of crickets lulled me, replacing my carefully constructed wall of vigilance with the tempting notion of relaxation. I watched Ridge, who exuded confidence and ease around me, even though he’d never laid eyes on me before today. Envy slithered into my belly as I wished I could be so comfortable around someone of the opposite sex.

He moved then, his thigh brushing against the tip of my shoe. My body went rigid, my breath frozen in my lungs. I knew I was overreacting, but that didn’t prevent the spasms of panic that shot through my veins. Instinctively, I scooted my feet closer to me, needing more than a mere modicum of distance between us before I could even begin to regain control of my emotions. I breathed in deeply, hoping that I was being inconspicuous. The last thing I needed was for him to stare at me like I was going to have a seizure or something.

Inwardly, I cursed myself. It was beyond ridiculous that I had allowed Jack to bring me to this point. But no matter how much one side of my brain told me that it was absurd, the other side was telling me that I wasn’t good enough for someone like Ridge, that he would never find me desirable. So yet another internal battle began.

I took another deep breath, exhaling slowly. Refusing to fall prey to my traitorous brain, I forced myself to rekindle the conversation. “So you’re training for a triathlon?”

He looked away from his phone, his hazel eyes focusing on my face. I could tell I’d gotten his full attention with a subject that interested him. He shifted on the end of the lounger, facing me. I concentrated on slow, even breathing.

“Yes,” he said in a smooth, deep voice.

I watched his pronounced Adam’s apple as he spoke. My gaze traveled lower to his well-defined pectoral muscles, lower still to his washboard abs. He was definitely male, and that made me giddy and nervous all at once.

“Will this be your first one?” I tamped down the uneasy feelings that prickled along my spine, refusing to succumb to them.

“Yes. I watched a video online about a competition. It was a triathlon that consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26.2-mile run that has to be completed in seventeen hours. Can you imagine doing all of that back to back?” His eyes met mine, but I didn’t answer. “So, anyway, in the video, the triathletes are pushing themselves to get across the finish line before time’s up, and as they near it, crowds of people are lined up along the side of the street cheering and holding out their hands. But it was the look on the triathletes’ faces that caught my attention. To know that they’d pushed themselves both mentally and physically to the brink of their boundaries and were still triumphant. If I could feel that kind of energy and emotion from a video, imagine what it must be like to be there. Imagine what it must be like to cross the finish line, to hear the crowd cheering you on. As soon as I watched it, I knew that was going on my list. I want to feel what they felt.”

He grinned. “It sounds kind of cheesy when I say it like that, doesn’t it?”

I smiled and a little bit of my anxiety melted away with his words. “No,” I whispered, not expecting my voice to sound so strained. I cleared my throat. “I understand exactly what you mean.”

He looked at me a little surprised. “You do?”

“I do.”

“I’m glad somebody does. Most of my friends can’t understand why I’d want to go through such torture.”

“It is torture.”

He straightened his back and looked at me hard. “You say that like you’ve done it.”

Did I?  I repeated the last bit of conversation in my head. Crap. I hadn’t intended to say anything. Since when did I let my guard down around a guy for even a moment?  I tried to decide how I’d play it off because I knew that beginning a conversation like this would lead to places that I didn’t want to go.

I couldn’t lie about it now. I’d just have to go with it. “We have something in common, Ridge. I know exactly what you’re talking about because I competed in a triathlon about a year ago.”  That was the truth.

“You’ve already completed a triathlon?” he asked, leaning forward like I’d just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

“Yes, I completed it.”

He exhaled loudly. “You just let the air out of my big bag of macho.”

A smile pranced on my lips as I watched his face deflate and his shoulders slump. Even though I knew he was joking, there was something humorous about such a manly man being shamed by the thoughts of a female completing such a physical contest before him.

“If it makes you feel any better, I missed the deadline by eleven seconds, although I did complete the course.”

He lifted his head. “No shittin’? Eleven seconds?”

I pursed my lips and nodded. “Eleven lousy seconds. Do you know how many times I’ve replayed that over and over in my head, trying to decide what I could’ve done differently to cross the finish line on time.”

“That seriously sucks.”

“Tell me about it.” It had sucked, and I’d never forget the overwhelming feeling of defeat.

“My goal is to complete it in less than twelve hours. I think I can do it faster than that, but since it’s my first one, I’m not sure what to expect.”

I closed my book, completely engaged in my conversation with Ridge. “I have no doubt that you’ll make it,” I said, meaning it. I hadn’t even known him a full day, but it was quite obvious that once Ridge Sutherland decided to do something, he didn’t release it from his sights until he had accomplished it.

“You should try it again,” he suggested. “I’m sure a lot of people who don’t make it the first time come back and conquer it on the second try.”

“I should,” I agreed. “Have you ever given up on anything on your list?”

He shot me a look of disbelief, a steely resolve in his amber eyes. “Failure is not in my vocabulary. If something makes it on my list, it’s going to happen.”

“You make it sound so simple,” I said.

“It is.”

His confidence wasn’t unfamiliar to me. In fact, I shared his level of confidence in most of my activities, but there were times when it seemed to slip. Times like now.

“If I add swim with Ava by the end of the week to my list, guess what you’re going to do?”

A strange mixture of excitement and fear welled in my chest. I wanted to swim with him, but contrary to his philosophy, it wasn’t going to happen. “Laugh at you for failing?”

“Sweet, sweet Ava. I think I just explained to you that I never fail.”

“Are you issuing a challenge?” I asked, unsure of his intent.

“Are you offering one?” he asked, his brows raised as he awaited my answer.

Part of me wanted to say “yes,” but the other part had no desire to provoke Ridge into doing something that could possibly lead to disappointment for both of us. I should end this conversation now. I should remember how things ended with Jack, and…damn him.

“Yes,” I blurted before I overthought things, before I chickened out, before he could change his mind.

A wide grin spread across his face. “Challenge accepted.”

I was already second-guessing myself. What had I done?  I had just made the conscious decision to give this guy a reason to talk to me all week. Why? Because I wanted him to want something from me. He was handsome and ambitious and sweet, and I strongly suspected that the two of us had a lot in common.

But I also knew that I had just set him up for failure. Not that I personally thought failure was that big of a deal. To me, failures were a chance to learn, to grow, a chance to take a step back and decide if another alternative was the better choice.

Maybe that’s what scared me the most. Maybe Ridge would decide that there were better alternatives to me. Even for something as simple as a swim partner.

He brought me out of my insanity by asking a question. “Why don’t you change into your swimsuit?”

I smirked. “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you?”

He winked. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

I watched the ripple of muscles as he stood up and walked over to the rail. “Hey, did you notice this canoe?”

“It’s bright red. How could I have missed it?”

He turned and grinned at me. “Well, I don’t know, but I didn’t see it until now.”

“Women are more observant than men.”

“Has that been scientifically proven or are you making it up as you go along?” he asked, grinning at me.

“It’s just my own observation.”

He laughed. “Then who am I to argue? Besides, I’ve made a few observations of my own, one of them being that men rarely win when it comes to arguing with women. So I don’t do it.”

“Smart man.”

 He turned back towards the canoe. “You wanna go for a canoe ride with a smart man?” Leaning on the railing, he looked over his shoulder at me.

“You think I’m going to fall for that trick?  I know how that works. You get me in the middle of the lake in a canoe, and then, you accidentally tip it over, which leaves me having to swim to shore and leaves you proclaiming your victory. Um, no, not gonna happen.”

He chuckled. “That is a good plan, but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I just thought it might be fun. I haven’t ridden in a canoe since middle school. When’s the last time you rode in one?” He gazed out over the lake as the water lapped softly against the bank.


“Like ever?” he asked, turning back to look at me.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Man, we’ve got to do something about that this week. You won’t have the proper cabin-on-the-lake experience until you get in that canoe and paddle out to the middle of the lake. And if you’re worried about me tipping you over, I’ll stay here while you go, but seriously, you’ve got to go.”

“Not today.”

“What are you waiting for?” he asked, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

“I like to take my canoe rides in the middle of the night with some cinder blocks, a few feet of rope, and a dead body.”

A crooked grin shot across his face. “Guess that’s my cue to move on. I need to run, anyway.” He picked up his phone and glanced at the time. “I should be back in a couple of hours or so.”

I wasn’t sure why he found it necessary to fill me in on his schedule. We were just two strangers who happened to be staying in the same cabin. “Okay.”

Once he went inside, I began to breathe easier. Before the incident, I wouldn’t have given a second thought to going for a swim or a canoe ride with him. But now, things that I once did without thought required me to summon courage, to cling to bits and pieces of positive experiences in my mind and remember that I was the same girl I’d always been, to beckon the confidence that was still within me, although now it seemed to lurk in the recesses of my soul, just out of my reach.

Frustrated that I had allowed my mettle to suffer at the hands of Jack, I cursed myself for the tenth time today. I had hoped to come to terms with how I felt about him this week, deal with it, and move on. No man should have this kind of power over me. No man should be allowed to make me feel so damn inadequate. I knew that. I did. Now, if I could just get my brain to agree, to stop sliding in thoughts that would make me think otherwise.

I opened the book in my lap. The main character was dealing with worse situations than I was, and I desperately needed to escape my own world.




I awoke to a tap on the shoulder. Startled, I sprang into a sitting position, only to realize that it was twilight and Ridge was standing over me with a huge grin on his face. My book slid out of my lap and thudded against the deck flooring.

“Sorry, I contemplated on whether I should wake you or just leave you alone, but I thought you might be getting hungry.” He offered me a plate with two slices of pizza. “Besides I thought it might be nice to watch the sunset.”

“You cooked?” I mumbled, running the back of my hand over my mouth, hoping I wasn’t drooling all over myself.

“Yeah. My skills in the kitchen aren’t quite as good as they are over a grill, but I can usually handle frozen pizza.”

I took the plate from him, and he handed me a bottle of water. “Thank you.”

He smelled clean, and I realized that he’d already showered. How long had I been asleep?

Ridge took a seat at the picnic table, facing me in a dark green tee shirt and khaki shorts. His feet were bare. “So you ready to go for a swim?” he asked, right before he bit into a slice of pizza.

“Is your plan to wear me down by asking me every five minutes?” I asked.

“Considering you’ve been out here snoring for a good three hours or so, I’m not sure how you came up with your theory.”

“You haven’t even been back for three hours,” I accused. Had he?

“Well, I did stay gone a lot longer than I had intended, but I’ve been back for three hours and five minutes. And you’ve barely budged.”

“You were watching me sleep?” I asked, horrified, hoping he was only joking about the snoring comment.

“It’s not like I snuck in your bedroom or anything. I mean, you are out on the deck.”

I wanted to slink down into the chaise lounge and become part of it.

“I was starting to wonder if you had passed out drunk. I don’t know anyone who could sleep on a lounger that long.”

“I don’t normally drink,” I said, and then took another bite of pizza.

“I guess that rules out that you were up all night having a party.”

I was up all night, but unfortunately, a party had nothing to do with it. I rubbed my eyes and exhaled. “I just haven’t been sleeping well lately.”

He took a drink of water. “I know the perfect cure for insomnia,” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked, almost desperate enough to try anything.

He motioned toward the lake with his thumb. “A nice, long swim. It relaxes the mind and exhausts the muscles.”

“Has it even been five minutes?” I asked, referring to the last time he asked me to go for a swim.

“Hey!” he exclaimed, pointing at me. “I didn’t ask you if you wanted to go for a swim. I merely pointed out that it was a great way to cure insomnia. But now that you brought it up, I’ll go for a swim with you, if you want.”


“Okay?” he asked, surprised. “That was way easier than I expected it to be.”

“Swim out to the middle of the lake and wait for me there,” I ordered.

“Let me guess. You’re gonna deliver some cinder blocks that you want me to hold for you until morning, right?”

I giggled at the thought. “Maybe.”

As the sun dipped below the tree line and exploded into massive streaks of pink and orange and yellow, I watched Ridge as he looked out over the lake. He had a strong profile, and I found his chiseled jawline extremely appealing. We sat in silence, drinking in the beauty and peacefulness of this place. I suspected that if I had been alone this week, the cabin would’ve contained all the special healing powers I had been hoping for.

The moon rose into the night sky, a silver ball suspended in the inky blackness. Its reflection glistened on the surface of the lake, rippling with the movement of the water.

After several minutes of silence, Ridge finally rose. “I’m going to bed. I want to get an early start on running. Oh, and in case you get any ideas, I’m going to lock my door.”

I smiled into the darkness. “Good night, Ridge.”