Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sneak peek of DANGEROUS, a YA contemporary romance

My current work-in-progress is a YA contemporary romance titled DANGEROUS.  It's the story of 18-year-old Stone Hamilton and 17-year-old Dara Golding.  Stone is the son of a successful businessman, and he is tormented by a painful past.  When Dara meets Stone, she is instantly attracted to him, but she knows that she should stay away from guys like him.  But knowing she should stay away is one thing.  Doing it is something else entirely.

Sneak Peek (This is a work-in-progress and is subject to change.):

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered frantically.  “Are you okay?”
I rubbed the side of my temple, trying to determine the answer to her question.  I felt a lump rising, and I closed my eyes for just a moment and breathed deeply.
“Let me see,” she said.
I held my palm up toward her.  “I’m fine.”  I dropped my palm to my knee, not yet rising from my stooped position.
Before I knew what she was doing, her fingers were in my hair, her gentle touch skimming over the spot where our heads bumped.  She was so close that I could smell the delicate fragrance on her skin, and I found myself enticed by her.
“Oh, my gosh!” she exclaimed.  “A knot.  Great.  My first day of work, and I’ve already given someone a concussion.”
I laughed, but I didn’t move.  I didn’t know why I found her comment so amusing or why I didn’t want her to move her hands.  Slowly, I rose, catching her slender wrists in my grasp.  “I’m fine,” I said, feeling the pulse in her wrist quicken against my fingertips.  Her brilliant green eyes widened, and her full, shimmering-pink lips parted in surprise.  “What about you?” I asked.
I wasn’t sure if she heard my question.  She stared at me in shock as if she had just been caught making out behind the bleachers by the principal.
“Dara?” I asked, starting to wonder if she was the one with the concussion.
“I’m…fine,” she said breathlessly.
I’d been around enough girls to know when I had an effect on them.  And she was definitely affected.
Dara wasn’t the type of female I usually hung out with, but it was nice to know I had the same effect on the goody-two-shoes that I did on the bad girls.
My phone buzzed, and I pulled it out of my pocket, glancing at the caller’s name.  Speaking of bad girls, Jessie was calling.
I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest.  If I hadn’t still been freezing from the cold rain that soaked my hair and clothes, sweat would’ve been trickling down my temples.  The warmth from his hands was like heaven against my icy skin, but his close proximity was dangerous to my hammering heart.  In fact, if I had to describe Stone Hamilton in one word, it would be dangerous. 
Coming in February 2013.  Cover coming soon!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

50% off Coupon for Ghostly Encounter on Smashwords

By now, we've all had our fill of turkey and hectic shopping trips.  It's time to kick back and relax with a good book.  To show my appreciation to readers everywhere, I have issued a Smashwords coupon code good for 50% off of the regular price of $2.99 for Ghostly Encounter. 

Here's the details:

Promotional price: $1.50
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Visit my website for more information on GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER.  Thank you to all my readers!